Waiting for Summer - Sunset in Starigrad Paklenica by Tomislav Pavelic photography

Senj Fortress

It was built by Croatian army general Ivan Lenković, a captain of the Uskoks, on the hill Nehaj. Finished in 1558, it was built on the remains of ruined churches, monasteries and houses which were situated outside of the walls of Senj. These buildings were scrapped since it was concluded that they would not survive anyway if they were outside the city walls, as the Ottomans would loot them or use them as housing during sieges. The fortress was mainly built to fight the Ottoman Empire, and to be used as a base for the Uskoks.
The Uskoks (who built and inhabited the fort) were great enemies of the Ottomans, as they had previously taken another city called Klis, where the Uskoks used to reside. Before the fortress was built, Senj had been besieged three times, but none succeeded; after the fort was built, the fortress or Senj were not attacked again. However, the Uskoks were also known to be the enemies of the Venetians, as the Venetians were quite aggressive toward the Croatian coastal cities.

The spring of River Cetina draw attention with their magnificent clarity and blue/green colour. Veliko vrilo is a submerged speleological structure which divers have investigated to a depth of 150m

Trakoscan castle - Zagorje

River Gacka in Lika region


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